Our Story

It started with a simple idea. Introduce homemade gourmet Italian Ice to the Washington DC area. Jason Mandler – a native of Parsippany, New Jersey – opened Carmen’s Italian Ice & Cafe in Rockville, MD in 2001. Tracing its roots back to Philly and South Jersey where this dessert has been a mainstay for years, Carmen’s offers homemade, gourmet Italian Ice in over 60 flavors. It also now offers frozen custard, shakes, and a toppings bar.

Carmen’s quickly became a welcome part of the neighborhood with Jason and his staff coming up with tasty offerings, personal service and fun special events. Come on in for a morning cup of coffee or an evening Italian ice and you’ll probably run into a few of our regulars. Come a few more times and you’ll be one of them yourself.

The Store

Part coffeehouse, part hangout, our store will always be the rock that Carmen’s is built on. One of the best things about Carmen’s is its regulars. Those folks who have made Carmen’s part of their daily routine. And made them part of ours.

Whether it’s the morning commuters stopping in for their cup of Joe; the moms coming in to catch up with their friends and watch the kids play at the park across the street; or people stopping by after soccer practice for a well deserved gelati, our store seems to be a place where a lot of people enjoy spending some of their time. And you are always welcome.

The People

Want to know the three biggest reasons for our success over these last 15 years? Our people, our people and our people.

We’ve got such a great group at Carmen’s from Ana and Tracy and Pete, Tom, Julian and Amanda and …well, you get the idea. It’s amazing that for a group that can swell to over 50 people during the summer that we are such a close family.  And we love the fact that our college students return to work for us every summer.

Not only couldn’t we do this without them, We wouldn’t want to. They all make it fun to get up and come to work.


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